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AltiusLife is a flexible wellbeing platform designed to help you live life well. The platform offers content, support tools and health tracking as well as access to expert partners to assist you on your wellbeing journey.

Through our proven neuroscience behavioural change model, the platform aims to help you live a happier and healthier life with reduced stress. Specifically, AltiusLife enables you to discover, share and act upon the information and insights you receive to make meaningful and positive changes to your everyday life.

  • Over 250 Clients
  • Over 1 Million employees


  • Mobile
  • Web
  • App

The AtiusLife solution, powered by LifeIQ, delivers a leading edge health-tech capability that will allow Altius Group to integrate their market leading service capabilities with a digital engagement platform.

LifeIQ’s leading edge behavioural engagement platform was an ideal fit for the Altius Group with their wide coverage of Employee Wellness, Employee Assistance and Rehabilitation capabilities for insurers.

Altius Group provides services to most leading insurers and over 250 of Australia’s leading employers covering over a million Australians.

The AltiusLife solution is planned for a Q1 2019 launch.

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