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Spur Family Card

The Spur Family Card loyalty program is the 7th largest loyalty program in South Africa next to retail loyalty programs. It is the only restaurant loyalty programme in the top 10 most used programmes in South Africa.
(South African Loyalty Landscape 2018/19)

Membership Count

1.6M members

Number of stores

298 Stores

POS Integrations
  • FPOS
  • Pilot
  • Mr Delivery

South Africa and Australia

Loyalty Currency

Points to Vouchers

Deliver a seamless upgraded technology solution that included:

  • Integration across multiple point of sale systems for seamless transacting at Point of Sale
  • A revitalised web presence
  • An upgraded mobile application
  • Migration of 1.5 million members and their dependents
  • Migration of 1 year’s worth of historical transactional data per member  (5,807,348 transaction lines)
  • A new gifting module for the issue and management of digital gift vouchers
  • No downtime in the transition process
  • Integration with the SPUR MasterMart with 10 minute updates to facilitate automated marketing via Eloqua CRM
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       Y        Y     Y        Y Q1-2019

On 1 August 2018, Mobecom seamlessly switched out the Spur Family Card loyalty program from the previous vendor onto its Muulla modular technology stack, without any downtime.

The solution required the migration of an existing database of customers, including their loyalty balances, available rewards vouchers and member dependents.

Existing members were able to log into their account, view their balances, available rewards and transaction history.

New members were able to register with ease.

With the location based advertising, members were easily able to locate special offers and deals near them.

Seamless data flow between Mobecom and Spur MasterMart for improved CRM.

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