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Fanatics, the Exclusive Books Rewards Programme, has been one of South Africa’s pre-imminent card based retail loyalty programs for over 20 years.

In September 2017, leveraging Mobecom’s Muulla framework, Fanatics digital presence was established with the launch of the Exclusive Books Fanatics App.

The Fanatics App allows members to link their traditional card based membership to their digital profile.

Membership Count

170,000 members

Number of stores

38 Stores nationally


South Africa

Deliver a digital footprint for Fanatics Members and provide a new cost effective digital means of communicating with members:

  • Allow members to link their physical card membership
  • View their available rewards
  • Gain access to preferred offers
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       Y        Y       Y       Q1 2019       Y

The Exclusive Books Fanatics Club App has enabled Exclusive Books to deliver more targeted cost effective communications to its members through the apps intuitive geo-location capability.

In addition members are benefitting as they are able to:

  • Link their physical card membership and check their Fanatics points straight from their phone
  • Access preferred offers that are closest to them
  • Favourite content to ensure that they receive first hand notification of any new products or events that are relevant to them
  • Find their closest store via the apps geo-location capability
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Exclusive Books App

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Carters | OshKosh B'gosh

Carter’s | OshKosh B’gosh is a leading supplier of children’s clothing between the ages of 0 months to 8 years of age.

They are a prominent player in the highly fragmented children’s clothing sector of the Australian Retail market.

Membership Count

135,000 members

Number of stores

21 Stores nationally



Deliver a fully integrated loyalty program instore and online 

  • Allow members to earn and burn rewards instore and online
  • Login to view their available rewards
  • Purchase gift cards and transfer gift value onto their membership account
Adverts      Coupons      Loyalty     Gifting (New)     Ordering    
       N        N       Y       Y       N

The Carter’s |OshKosh Rewards program delivered:

  • More Customers
  • Rewards customers spend per transaction is 89% more than non-members on average
  • Redemption of rewards drive a higher spend per transaction
OshKosh Online
OshKosh Online
OshKosh Online